Sunday, July 17, 2011

sunshine made from rain

today, i've been teetering along tears
i don't know what or why
to stay in bed
or get into a car and go
go somewhere that might take me away.

there's a grief inside me
though i don't know its name
it reaches up into my throat
with its clenched fist
making it difficult to swallow.

the cluck cluck of chickens
comes through the open window
floating in from the farm
it's magic born from sadness and suffering
it's sunshine made from rain.


  1. Your words inspire me.

  2. Thinking of you, Amberlin, and hope you are happy again soon. This poem is much as I've been feeling too, and it gives me comfort. Thank you!

  3. Hi Amberlin,

    This is Alexandra (Maclachlan) I'm sorry you're feeling so sick Amberlin, but I understand you've been through a lot of stress recently. You used to be part of my facebook contacts, where did you go? I miss you and (probably unlike other people) I don't judge you. Your Mom explained what happened and I understand. I feel sorry for you both and hope things will go back to normal soon. I'm sorry for this situation, I hope you'll get better.

    I feel sorry for the other person too, but as I said, I will never judge you (I'm not that silly ;)

    Get better soon.

    Healing thoughts from France.


    ps: if you feel like dropping a line here's my email:


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