Friday, October 1, 2010

The most recent shockingly unsurprising, appalling visit to the emergency room

written on September 19, 2010 at 12:48pm
I'm weakened from the most recent episode at the ER where they treated me like crap as soon as they heard that I have CFS. They shot me up with all kinds of pain meds for my brain shattering 30+ hour migraine and bone cracking body pain. None of them worked, but only made me super drugged out and then they literally threw me out in less than ten minutes after giving me the last shot.

The ER doc told me that my health problems were not viral (Does anyone in the medical field read the science section of the frikkin news???!? CHRIST!) and needed to be "dealt with at home." Infuriating.

So my hope is I tell all of you about this and you tell everyone you know and maybe it leaks out to doctors so they treat all of these very sick and suffering people with some dignity.

Private pain -> public purpose.



  1. hi ber...... hate to hear this.. i can't even find words... my thoughts are always with you.... eric

  2. Feh on doctors who do not stay current. I've even had one who seemed to obtain his medical information from tabloid TV.

    I have Meniere's disease. The first ENT I went to accused me of being an oxycontin addict when I told him I woke up deaf in my right ear after having a horrendous viral infection for over a week. Rush Limbaugh and his oxycontin addiction were big news at that time.

    Then the vertigo portion started; and the physician still accused me of drug abuse.

    I spent several years sleeping 20-22 hours a day under the influence of AntiVert. I don't even remember much of those years because I was left groggy and confused by the medicine. When I didn't take it, I fell to floor and proceeded to cover myself with my own vomit and feces. One day I spent the entire day on the floor, unable to get up or even turn over until my husband came home, lifted me into the bathtub, cleaned me up, and then bedded me down on a washable sleeping bag on the floor.

    Finally, I found the California Ear Institute. Things are much better; but I still have difficulty keeping my balance since after surgery it depends on vision and proprioception. I, too, remember dancing. And bicycling, and hiking, and horseback and muleback riding, and camping, and walking across broken ground without landing on my back and breaking a wrist.

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