Friday, June 24, 2011

A Perched Miracle

I saw a miracle yesterday.
It wriggled in under the door frame
before the heat of the day had settled in.

It stretched its willowy wings
perched on the foot of my bed
and looked softly into my pained eyes

A promise, it said
that despite the forever it's been
of viral warfare
in twisted, knotted nerves
and what they say about there being no cure
and all that has been taken away

The brightest of lights lie ahead.
This, I promise you.

It gave me a squeeze on the shoulder
the reassuring kind
that tells you to believe
and in a twirling trail of hearts
opened the door and left.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Ecuador

Waterfall spatter
across my sun shined face
riding past the craggy granite
in the wild rainforest

With heavenly wings
I am a dandelion seed
carrying precious wishes on wind
a floating feather
dancing in the spray
of cold Ecuadorian clean

Racer back tank
camel back bag
I stand to lean into the pedals
"Let's go faster!"

A memory,
my memory
of before
living under the shelter
of down and linens
Propped pillows and a laptop.

It's soot colored clouds today.
The window pane says
"Burr, it's cold."
I guess I'll stay in
maybe check the forecast.

published on 2011