Thursday, December 25, 2008

such a small thing can make such a difference...

I drove behind a car the other day that had a CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) bumper sticker on it, and it completely changed my day. I had no idea seeing such a thing would have such an impact on me, but it did. I felt acknowledged, validated, and less alone. Best of all, I felt happier. Since then, I've been really thinking a lot about the importance of raising awareness about what CFS really is even in the smallest of ways. I made and started distributing these shirts, trying to get people to SEE the phrase, to ask about it.

What the heck IS CFS?
chronic fatigue syndrome.

Are you just tired all the time?
NO! It has been compared to the experience of cancer or the final stages of AIDS.

How many people have it?
CDC guesses 4 million.

How do you get better?
There's no cure. There is a huge absence of funding for research and concern from the public.

This is a problem.

Be a light! Take a look: